20 Jun

What is change?

Change is inevitable, from the day we are born to the day we die. It is one transformation to the other, we crawl, we walk, we run, we learn, we make friends, we love, we fight and we make up, then we love some more and fight some more and it goes on and on……

Change can be interpreted to mean becoming different, to lay aside, to abandon and leave for another, to undergo alteration, transformation or transition, to go from one phase to another.

Change can be for good or bad, but a sure reality is to know that no change occur without inconvenience. A Job, an apartment, an automobile, friends, who is to blame for been comfortable in your space? A promotion is a positive change and a job loss is potentially a negative change. Why change a thing if it’s working for you? After all, “don’t change horses in midstream” goes a popular saying.

But hey, A new broom sweeps cleaner……. We change every day, I remember me with a clean face sometime back, now I have to shave every day, I once wore a size 6 pair of shoes and size 10 shirt, now I am bigfoot size 9 and 16.5 shirt size (that’s for your information in case you want to buy me any), not to mention additional eye glasses (it has become impossible to read unassisted).

My point, there is time for everything; we must understand the inevitability of change and its timing! A stitch in time saves nine. There is time for everything; a time to sow, a time to harvest, a time to work, and a time to play. These are changes, though seasonal or cyclical, recognizing when to make the change is a critical success factor (Eccl 9:11, talks about time and chance).

We constantly change, we must change, and it is the only thing that is constant and inevitable…. just as the day must anticipate the night and vice versa so must we anticipate changes in our lives. Rest assured that it will come and we must be prepared. Be not comfortable in your present space; look forward to a change every day, think of the next level…….

A change is coming……. for the better!

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