Do my friends really like me?

20 Jun

I have been making friends since I could walk. The cat in my house was my very first friend; I remember vividly how soothing its furs feels on my skin when it curls to sleep beside me. My mum would kick it away from me to which I used to wonder why, though I cringe at the thought now.

When I started primary school (don’t laugh at me, I was not one of those ajebos who went to kindergarten/nursery), there was this bully who could redesign your dentition because you did not share with him your lunch. My strategy was to establish a friendly relationship with another classmate who wasn’t so bright but stronger than the bully. The arrangement was okay for all three of us, as long as I don’t get beaten, I will help out with the kinder bully’s home work,

In secondary school, now you are wiser and begin to understand friendship from an advantageous point of view, more of what is in it for me (Wii FM). There were those you strike a deal of relationship with for the fun things you get the opportunity to share together. There are those who just like you and are happy with you for who you are. And then, there are those who you like to be friends with and they don’t even know you exist (usually the opposite sex).

My point?

We make friends for different reasons, well that’s how I see it from my side. What I’ll like to know is “Do your friends give a damn about you?”

Answer these questions and you can make up your mind afterwards (thank me later).

How often do you and your friends fight?
• Once or twice a month!
• All the time!
• You don’t know what to argue about!

How many of your friends know where you live?
• Some of them
• All of them or most of them
• They don’t care!
• What house?!

How often do you and your friends eat lunch together?
• About twice a week!
• Why would they do that?!
• They don’t even know you go to their school
• As much as possible!

How long is an average phone call between you and one of your friends?
• Over an hour!
• They don’t know my number!
• About five minutes and that’s so they can know where its happening this Friday
• Between thirty and fifty- nine minutes!

What word would you use the most to describe your friends?
• Is there a word to describe my friends?
• Yes, AWESOME!!!!!!!
• EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• I don’t know, is there?
• Nice? I guess

Your friend asks for your girl/boyfriend’s or wife/husband’s number, do you give him/her?
• We don’t flow along that line!
• No, but why the heck does he/she wants it?
• Yes, but give the wrong number
• Uhmm… is this a trick question?

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One response to “Do my friends really like me?

  1. Bizzy

    March 13, 2017 at 9:33 am

    Well,relationships that work tend to be symbiotic.Humans except in rare situations look at everyone and everything from the standpoint of what they actually tend to gain….


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