Blackberry Evangelism: Every tool in your hand is useful! (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

05 Dec

I woke up feeling tired this Sunday morning, first in the month and it is Thanksgiving Day in church. I noticed my Blackberry alert light was flashing red, I must have a message or a chat. So I checked, it is my friend Dave and he has this to ask:

Teju, Dave

Dave: Good morning. Had a great night?
Dave: Know where I can find an Anglican church?
Teju: Morning, no Dave, unless further into lagos island
Dave: Too far. I no go fit.
Dave: Rest happy 2day
Teju: Uhmm
Teju: Why anglican
Dave: Wanna go back to ‘old time religion’
Teju: Uhmmm
Teju: You mean routine religion
Teju: Stereotype religion
Dave: It depends on where u stand, while viewing dis so called,
‘penticostals’ n their antics!
Teju: I do not seek religion, I seek relationship with God
Teju: I hear and I do like the Beruan christians
Teju: They compare with what the bible say before assimilating
Teju: They are not “monkey see, monkey do”
Dave: I got a relationship going!
Dave: I just need a place of ‘fellowship’:)
Teju: Good, you don’t have to travel far
Teju: Acts 17:10-12
Teju: Try my church
Dave: I also need interaction!
Teju: You will open your eyes and interact when you see and are comfortable
Teju: It is a more matured environment, try the place
Teju: It is called House of favour, it’s an RCCG parish
Dave: Ok Teju, sound good. Where?
Teju: After VGC, opposite GTB, before Ajah b/stop
Dave: What time is service?
Teju: Starts about now, that’s the sunday school sha
Dave: Kk. Thanks
Teju: But, the praise and worship starts by 8:45
Dave: I’ll be there!
Teju: And God will bless you, remember keep an open mind!

Dave attended the church service, he enjoyed it and am hoping he will be back again this Sunday. A good way to start the month you might say. The Bible enjoins us,” Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with
thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”

About Dave; 47, lives in Agungi. He runs his own outfit, he is into weather proofing. He is recently divorced and trying to find a meaning to his life and make a fresh beginning.

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