Patience Is A Virtue! – Part I

13 Feb

Once upon a time in a far away land, a story was told about a man, a woman and their journey through life.

The man, like his peers progressed steadily and expectedly through the stages of life and did not appear unusual until he took a wife. Now don’t get me wrong; a good wife he took, loving and caring, faithful and devoted she was to him. There was just one thing missing, one thing ideal in a home setting of their time; children.

As years passed by, while waiting they continued to pray to their God for completeness. Now, they were not without advisers; parents, family, friends and elders each showing great concerns and giving varying counsel to the couple.

Somewhere else, the drama in the couple’s life was not going unnoticed.

The great Deity, who has everything and all things, He whose name is the almighty God was watching keenly the events in the couples’ life, and so were the trio; Prosperity, Patience and Procreation. One day the great Deity, the almighty God called a meeting with the trio. I know you also have been watching the events in the life of this couple and I think it is time I attend to their request. Therefore, I am going to make a proposal to them through the man. I have decided, he is to choose one of you!

Now Prosperity, Patience and Procreation have been together for a long time and here they are, one of them is about to be sent on a journey by their Lord and master. They were all sad because a lifelong friendship is about to be broken, each of them wondered who it will be.

And as the man tarried in the place of prayer with his deity, the almighty God spoke to him for the first time in years. “Your prayers to me have not gone unnoticed, the time has come that I will hearken to you. I will however give you an opportunity and I will also give you three days to come back to me with your choice. You will have three choices from which you can only make one. Once you have done so, there is no second chance. You cannot change your mind, therefore choose well”, the almighty said.

The man, elated to hear from the almighty was grateful and thankful. He praised the almighty and then requested for the choices available before him.

“You have three choices the deity said again. They are Prosperity, Procreation and Patience. Three days you have to choose one, on the third day you are to present your choice to me”. Now you may go, the almighty said to the man.


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2 responses to “Patience Is A Virtue! – Part I

  1. xtian

    February 13, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Since the one thing they desire to make their home complete are children then I will advice they chose the Proreation option.

  2. Maryam

    February 15, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    With God and Patience all things are possible.


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