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Another Sunrise, Another Beginning!

A new day has come1

A new day offers an opportunity to do new things or things in a new way, sometimes finish what was not completed the day before. At other times, simply and quietly saying under ones breath with a quiet voice; I will try again today; another sunrise, another beginning!

In all these we find new strength, new thoughts and a will to carry on. We doggedly pursue the one we believe can work while sadly for others, we set new goals, put the past behind us and move on to another sunrise, another beginning!

A wise man once said, it is well to be up before daybreak for such habit contribute to good health, wealth and wisdom. Remember an early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day as I never knew a man who came to greatness or eminence by lazying on his bed late in the morning. So welcome another sunrise, another beginning!

Let today, a new day be your day to laugh, at your successes, laugh at your failures because you can try again today, another sunrise, another beginning!

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Hey Girl, Got A Minute, I want To Talk To You!

She was a Lagos girl, proper one, she lived for each day, each man, each conquest! Every relationship was a game, and the name of the game? “What Is In it For Me!”

Nope, she wasn’t extraordinary, on drugs yes, if you consider playing men a drug, she gets a proper high on that, but she never abused it!

Daring with a goal, focused like the needle point, sharp as a razor, and she does cut through all that stands in her way.

Cunning as a serpent, takes on situation as a chameleon takes on any colour both to protect self and achieve objective. Many men with benefit of hindsight will say, “I wish I never met her”

As bad as you might think she is, as dangerous as she might sound, she was after all only a Lagos girl. Survival is the name of the game they play. They often and unconsciously sing the song, “whoever is bold should enter”, many men entered, some were lucky to come out unscathed, many never recovered from it.

Lagos is full of them, they beckon to both suspecting and unsuspecting, it’s a game of chance they call it. But soon the light goes out for them all as it has for this one! I sincerely hoped she made her peace in the last hour.

I don’t know what to wish her, but I sure know what to advice the rest who are like her; life on the fast lane will not get you anywhere fast!

You’ve got only one life, live it well! — feeling sad.


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Travel This Road Solo?

There are times we embark on journeys and feel the need to go with someone either for company, or the person is going in the same direction or we just have this feeling of obligation towards the individual for reasons ranging from societal pressure to pricks of conscience.

What we often fail to consider and which is fundamental to taking such decision is why should I and sometimes why is he/she accepting to come on that journey as well?


This is strong, I have observed over time that everything comes to WIIFM. No, it’s not a Radio station, it’s an abbreviation for “What’s In It For Me!”. So what is your motive, what is his/her motive?

A man and a woman travel down a long road of Marriage, motive? Love, companionship, children, maybe more.

The guy/babe that rides with you to the office every morning, Motive? Just get me to the office, don’t care how you do it. Some snore while you navigate 3rd Mainland/Ikorodu road or whatever highway you pass each day, that’s your palaver. If you are lucky you get the occasional “well done sir”.

Generally speaking now, the guy you helped because you believe in giving a helping hand and why not, if you have the opportunity to do so. I read somewhere in a good book about the “Parable of the Good Samaritan”. It stated that a man was attacked and wounded by robbers while on his way to do business. Many passed him as he lay almost dying but went their way, only one man helped. The action of the others, with what I know today may have been out of experience, once beaten twice shy!

Abraham went on a journey and never fulfilled his destiny until he let go of Lot, same book told me that.

Planes carry less/drop fuel to travel faster, ships jettison cargo to stay afloat, sometimes we need to take certain decision regarding who we roll with and why!

What pushes us is the feeling of guilt that someone might think us selfish for not doing so.

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Why Do Some People Hate Themselves?

I think low self-esteem and guilt, a lovely combination handed out in schools and certain institutions since time immemorial is a major contributor. It happens to both self aware and rotten human beings alike because they think their mistakes are unforgivable or they refuse to move on as a result of something that happened to them.

Most times it apparently happens through negative experiences during psychological development, sometimes being told constantly as a child “you’re bad”, rather than “you’ve done a bad thing”, etc. Deep down, it is not themselves that they hate it is just the difficult situations that they are in and they respond negatively by hating and hurting.

Aggravating to the situation is when they are unwittingly and harshly judged, their self admitted guilt make them more aware of this judgement which drives the self hatred deeper!

Ultimately, self haters judge themselves and feel disappointed when they fail at even a tiny thing they attempt, whereas a person with confidence wouldn’t call it a failure because he/she is brave enough to try again and cope well in society.

People who hate themselves secretly wish for a stronger, more able personality, and they have every reason to, for therein lies the cure.

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