Travel This Road Solo?

05 Jun

There are times we embark on journeys and feel the need to go with someone either for company, or the person is going in the same direction or we just have this feeling of obligation towards the individual for reasons ranging from societal pressure to pricks of conscience.

What we often fail to consider and which is fundamental to taking such decision is why should I and sometimes why is he/she accepting to come on that journey as well?


This is strong, I have observed over time that everything comes to WIIFM. No, it’s not a Radio station, it’s an abbreviation for “What’s In It For Me!”. So what is your motive, what is his/her motive?

A man and a woman travel down a long road of Marriage, motive? Love, companionship, children, maybe more.

The guy/babe that rides with you to the office every morning, Motive? Just get me to the office, don’t care how you do it. Some snore while you navigate 3rd Mainland/Ikorodu road or whatever highway you pass each day, that’s your palaver. If you are lucky you get the occasional “well done sir”.

Generally speaking now, the guy you helped because you believe in giving a helping hand and why not, if you have the opportunity to do so. I read somewhere in a good book about the “Parable of the Good Samaritan”. It stated that a man was attacked and wounded by robbers while on his way to do business. Many passed him as he lay almost dying but went their way, only one man helped. The action of the others, with what I know today may have been out of experience, once beaten twice shy!

Abraham went on a journey and never fulfilled his destiny until he let go of Lot, same book told me that.

Planes carry less/drop fuel to travel faster, ships jettison cargo to stay afloat, sometimes we need to take certain decision regarding who we roll with and why!

What pushes us is the feeling of guilt that someone might think us selfish for not doing so.

My thoughts!


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2 responses to “Travel This Road Solo?

  1. Ibrahim Akin Akinlawon

    June 5, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    Great thots. Once u feel u have an xtra luggae u can no longer cope with, better to drop it before it drops u. If we treat every situation like a business transaction, our lives may be worth living than playing unnecessary and often times burdensome perception management (eye service) which at the end of the day, leaves us panting. MY thots

  2. Babatunde Mabadeje

    June 13, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Perfect words….i myself see this as a great challenge, where to decipher the point at which you feel you are offering a help or being mr nice guy but in actual fact your being used….Those that have been able to have control over this have grown to better managers and are highly successful.


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