Hey Girl, Got A Minute, I want To Talk To You!

26 Jun

She was a Lagos girl, proper one, she lived for each day, each man, each conquest! Every relationship was a game, and the name of the game? “What Is In it For Me!”

Nope, she wasn’t extraordinary, on drugs yes, if you consider playing men a drug, she gets a proper high on that, but she never abused it!

Daring with a goal, focused like the needle point, sharp as a razor, and she does cut through all that stands in her way.

Cunning as a serpent, takes on situation as a chameleon takes on any colour both to protect self and achieve objective. Many men with benefit of hindsight will say, “I wish I never met her”

As bad as you might think she is, as dangerous as she might sound, she was after all only a Lagos girl. Survival is the name of the game they play. They often and unconsciously sing the song, “whoever is bold should enter”, many men entered, some were lucky to come out unscathed, many never recovered from it.

Lagos is full of them, they beckon to both suspecting and unsuspecting, it’s a game of chance they call it. But soon the light goes out for them all as it has for this one! I sincerely hoped she made her peace in the last hour.

I don’t know what to wish her, but I sure know what to advice the rest who are like her; life on the fast lane will not get you anywhere fast!

You’ve got only one life, live it well! — feeling sad.


Posted by on June 26, 2013 in Personal


2 responses to “Hey Girl, Got A Minute, I want To Talk To You!

  1. Ehi

    June 26, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    She feels smart. I really don”t blame her to some extent, itz called distraction and gateway to downfall of satisfaction of a “cheap” need and quest for joining the “sharp” babes league(Noº°˚˚˚°º‎​o jersey)


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