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Was Eve a pre-thought or afterthought?

From the Genesis account, one would have thought that Eve was an afterthought, that Adam was so perfect he could do everything, including reproduce, all by himself, that some of his physiological functions had to be moved to Eve, to justify her existence in some way, could I be wrong?

With due respect, could it be that Eve was an afterthought, that Adam was created whole. However part of the original design was that the female in Adam was going to be taken out and formed into a separate physical entity, yet Adam and Eve were meant to operate as one, being the closest embodiment on earth of the Divine Trinity!

You may want to disagree, because the assertion in the last paragraphs may be nothing but a conjecture, the creation account in Genesis explains this, God decided to create Eve because Adam could not find companionship among the animals.

This stand is probably based on Genesis chapter 2 verses 20 – 25 where the concept of pre-thought and afterthought comes in. But if you backtrack to Genesis chapter 1 verses 26 – 28, you will see what the original design is, reading Genesis 2 carefully, one will see actually the manifestation of the original design in Genesis 1.

Interestingly and scientifically, man is genetically XY, while woman is XX. So hypothetically, it could be possible by genetic engineering to clone a woman from a man, by taking the X chromosome from a man and duplicating it. However, since the Y chromosome is peculiar to man, it is completely impossible to clone a man from a woman!

The fact remains that God knew beforehand because of omniscience, that He is, but it played out in the natural like an afterthought. The pertinent is why were they looking for a helpmeet for him?

I think, for some reason, God seems to have more confidence in man than man has in himself. For example, when God sent Moses to Egypt to rescue the Jews, God knew that Moses really did not need Aaron, but He also knew that Moses would try to evade the task, due to lack of trust in God’s abilities entrusted in him, so God provided Aaron to help him at the beginning. Note that, with time, Aaron became increasingly unnecessary.

We see this scenario played out throughout scriptures. Elijah, for instance had his ministry cut short, not because God thought it was time to end, but because he became so discouraged and He began to plead with God that he wanted to die. So, God had to provide Elisha to help him out.

Maybe that is what we saw with Adam. He had it in himself to live, work, and reproduce ALONE. But he did not have enough confidence in himself to do it all alone, so God had to bring Eve on the scene, a helpmeet for him.

It is then plausibly tenable that Eve was a pre-thought and not an afterthought!

Taken from a discussion thread with Dr Labi Oguns, Archibong Archie Bamidele Effiong and David Olalekan


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On The Matter Of Honour

Only a society like ours will entertain such ignoble display of shame. One is branded a thief and still had the audacity to grace the town square with a dance carrying the supposedly stolen goat! Abacha is a Abacha, synonymous with tyranny, terror, oppression, fear, repression and all that depicts evil.

Yes Nigeria’s history cannot be complete without a mention regarding him, same goes for Germany but we are yet to hear of a honour being bestowed on Hitler! Abacha’s family and their apologists can only have expression in a society like ours that forgets so easily and quickly, a society that is devoid of will to say enough is enough! A society that places undue value and respect on materiality, ill gotten and ill amassed wealth, a society that asks no such questions as ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘when’.

All I hear is forgive and move on. How easy we forget that to forgive is divine and to be forgiven, you must ask ….. the family and their entire cohort must first go hush hush, somber and then ask Nigerians to forgive them, then and maybe then the Supreme Being may have mercy on them!

Respect is earned, honour is deserved. To earn you must work for it, to deserve you must be worthy in the eyes of the majority. Me thinks Nigerians agree to disagree on this Honorary award given to the one who looted and raped the economy in such a manner, suppressed and oppressed the citizenry in manner yet unparalleled.

Yes, this is my opinion, you may have yours!

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