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Second Chance!

Before the accident

After the accident

Just me thinking and thanking God…….

Two years ago approximately 8 minutes away from my house, I had this terrible accident.

It was an Easter Sunday.

It happened suddenly, I can’t till this minute explain how and what happened. This is all I can recollect…

A car came onto the road from a side street unexpectedly and I swerved to avoid it, that’s all I remember until my car came to a halt and I came out…. standing right in the middle of the road oblivious of my surrounding until someone pulled me off the road! I was unscathed!

In the past two years I had tried to construct what took place within the seconds that was like eternity ….. I am still trying to!

In all, I believe it could only be God handing me a second chance! It was a rebirth, a new lease of life, a chance to acknowledge, appreciate a Supreme being who rules in the affairs of men!

Thank you God!


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