I know this guy…

19 Jul

Some few years back I met this guy, no, not quite! I see this guy who comes around to my Division then. A lay about, snub and some other unprintable words were my description of him then. He would burst in on you, loudly announcing his entry and exit, he will not think twice sharing a piece of Samosa or Spring rolls (except if you make a conscious effort of coating it with your saliva). Passionate about every issue you bring to his attention and quick to give his opinion without a second thought about how it hits you or who it hits.

I know this guy who understands emotional foreplay and afterplay, oftentimes he overlooks its intention (intentionally), especially when he perceives it is being used advantageously and selfishly. He plays with words with the intention to delight, amuse and to pass an intended message.

I know this guy who can be a child this minute and an adult the next, his switching capabilities surpasses the best Switch CISCO has ever manufactured! He loves wife and kids and admits same unashamedly, although pretends to flirt (yet to be caught/proven).

I know this guy, until a few days ago, his wisdom, carriage and demeanor had so fooled me to the extent that I could have sworn on my dead mother’s grave that he was ten years older.

I know this guy, who loves music and life! He would open his home for a barbecue every now and then but will remind you to come with your own drink and an extra (I guess the wisdom in that is you can never cater 100% for everyone’s need). A jolly good fellow he is . . . . .

I know this guy, his name is Bisola Onigbogi, he is forty (40) today! And he says… FORTY is the ultimate F-word!!

Have the best of the day that marks the beginning of the second half of your journey…..

All the best!!

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One response to “I know this guy…

  1. KOB

    July 19, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Well said Folabi and I wouldn’t have described Bisola better. A guy with candor and yet leaves you amused at the same time.
    Happy birthday Biso-la-la. I don’t know about the 2nd half Folabi is talking about because who says you can’t live to be a hundred.
    Long live Biso.


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