Against All Odds . . . .

03 Jan


When it all started, when it all happened, when I was brought online, turned on, I didn’t know, I couldn’t have known. That is the difference between humans and AIs.

AIs have the ability to carry out the specific purpose for which they are built and steps right to it as soon as they are turned on, though I do admit some learn more along the way as they acquire data.

Humans on the other hand are blank but with the ability to learn at birth (when status becomes ONLINE). And so we learn as we grow, soaking every bit of what we see, hear, feel and even what we perceive. We learn to smile, we naturally cry (that comes easy, since that was our first act). We learn to hold (practicing by clenching our fist). We learn to suck (don’t ask me how, lol). Soon enough we learn to sit, stand, walk, talk in no particular order. And the real hustle of life begins.

Unlike the AIs, we begin to develop a pattern, some shaped by stern upbringing, love, care, emotions, teachings, corrections, in some cases, lack of all these. But we grow still, and in the process chart a course in life knowingly or not. Some, as a result of any or a combination of the above, will evolve into what they eventually will turned out to be. We usually, call it many names; upbringing, destiny, intelligence, brilliance, etc.

Today, I have half a century behind me (I suddenly feel like Methuselah), many waters have passed under the bridge. I have experienced almost all, and I thank God for giving me the opportunity of seeing what really happens in those early stages of growth through my baby girl (it’s something I will cherish to my grave). I thank God for my wife, in spite of all we are still standing, I thank God for my family, wonderful people they love me for me, I thank God for my friends, great source of inspiration. Most of all, I thank God for God himself, for without HIM, there would have been no me!

So, I am 50 today, the road have been long, dusty, filled with fun, cold, challenging, engaging, hard, educative, dangerous, exciting, rewarding, but in spite of all, I am still standing!

So I suddenly realized, It’s not of him that willeth, or of him that runneth . . . . .

Happy Birthday to me and yes, also to my wife!

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