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It’s a Fitness Watch and a Boom Box 

It’s a Fitness Watch and a Boom Box 

So the courier guy walks in and says I have a package for you, am like who have I offended? After all am not related to Dele Giwa. “From where?” I asked, he looked at the delivery instructions and responded, “the package is from InterSwitch sir”.

“That’s alright, I will sign for it, thank you”, I responded as I proceeded to take the delivery.

About this time, two years ago Interswitch gave me an iPhone, iPhone 6 to be precise and last year they weren’t so spectacular as I got a bluetooth music player and a power bank that doubles as an advert medium for their Quickteller.

So I was a bit curious to see what it will be this time, this Buharecession period.

Gbam! It’s first a Fitbit blaze (a smart fitness watch) and second, a Bose SoundLink Color (a Bluetooth speaker). Unlike the one I got last year that was brandless. I guess they got feedbacks on it’s acceptability/appreciation. Mine is still in the box it came with. I guess I will now have a reason to give it out.

So in a nutshell, thanks to Interswitch, I guess they have demonstrated that Job 22:29 can apply in their situation. I pray it works for you and I as well, for where situations are south bound, in your case and mine, it shall point north (north as in upward, not Sambisa forest oh)

Now let me go setup my Fitbit, I actually need that thing, am getting lazy at my exercises. As for the sound box, let’s make some noise!

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Irrational Calm Attitude

Got to work this morning and settled down to Asa’s music. As I was being serenaded by the crooner with music that really speak to the soul and situation around us, I just couldn’t help but identify with songs like Jailer, Preacher man, Bibanke, even her cover of “Feelin good” by Nina Simone did not escape her special touch. Such a huge talent she is.

Then came Fire on the mountain and I just could not help remembering having read something on twitter two days ago by Ayo Sogunro; “So much violence in January alone. @Asa_official has captured our irrational calm attitude towards news that should shake us. Sigh”.

“There is fire on the mountain,
And nobody seems to be on the run,
Oh there is fire on the mountain top,
And no one is running.

I wake up in the morning,
Tell you what I see on my TV screen,
I see the blood of an innocent child,
And everybody’s watching”

So I say to myself, that’s true, tune to news channels on cable television, even our local stations and stories of mayhem, violence, destruction and all that speak devastation and obliteration are what stares us slam bang in the face. All we do is watch and sometime an occasional gasp or in our local parlance, an “eeyah” are the much we utter and life goes on. And we continue watching!

We are so dead to emotions now that we take it in our strides as if these violence and dependencies are part of the daily routine, like they should be expected. Some even tune to these stations to play catch up.

The song so much made me think about everything and all things, and her question reverberates in my head again; “Don’t you think there’s something wrong with this?” How can we feel so calm and unperturbed? “Don’t you think there’s something wrong with us?”

We need to sit up and begin to ask the questions relevant to peace, there is some good in everyone, however little; every conscious effort towards harmony is a step forward and a signal to terminate perpetual evil. Otherwise we will be heading towards the end, and as Asa succinctly put it;

“One day the river will over flow,
And there’ll be nowhere for us to go,
And we will run, run,

Wishing we had put out the fire”

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His Grace Has Brought Me This Far!

There are a few things one ought to be grateful for, and to God all glory must always be.

I woke up this morning and am a year older. Not that it came suddenly, I know a lot of people who spent a day, two days, even 360 or 364 days expecting and preparing for it. But they never had the opportunity to witness it.

Am a year older today, because God ordained it, am a year older today because in his infinite mercy he made it so.Am a year older today, not because am better than those who are no more, am a year older today because my maker says to me; “though you are fighting a good fight, you have not finished your course, continue to keep the faith!”

Am a year older today, in spite of recession, I made a conscious decision that progression without transgression shall be my portion, and that my friends is my motivation for this year.

Am a year older today and I know my God shall make the remaining 363 days memorable, each bundled with miracles yet untold.

So when at the first opportunity to utter a word this morning, I responded with “same to you too” to a birthday wish from my dear wife. I knew it will be a good day, a good month and a good year, recession or not!

To all my friends, thank you for being there, may God keep us in his care for better and glorious things ahead. 

Cheers in good health and hope for better days ahead!

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