His Grace Has Brought Me This Far!

02 Jan

There are a few things one ought to be grateful for, and to God all glory must always be.

I woke up this morning and am a year older. Not that it came suddenly, I know a lot of people who spent a day, two days, even 360 or 364 days expecting and preparing for it. But they never had the opportunity to witness it.

Am a year older today, because God ordained it, am a year older today because in his infinite mercy he made it so.Am a year older today, not because am better than those who are no more, am a year older today because my maker says to me; “though you are fighting a good fight, you have not finished your course, continue to keep the faith!”

Am a year older today, in spite of recession, I made a conscious decision that progression without transgression shall be my portion, and that my friends is my motivation for this year.

Am a year older today and I know my God shall make the remaining 363 days memorable, each bundled with miracles yet untold.

So when at the first opportunity to utter a word this morning, I responded with “same to you too” to a birthday wish from my dear wife. I knew it will be a good day, a good month and a good year, recession or not!

To all my friends, thank you for being there, may God keep us in his care for better and glorious things ahead. 

Cheers in good health and hope for better days ahead!

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