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My Princess, Opemipo dazzels @ 3

My Princess, Opemipo dazzels @ 3

Ope: What is this?
Me: Monkey..
Ope: Good, what is this?
Me: Cat…
Ope: No, try again
Me: Big cat…
Ope: Uhmmm, look very well
Me: Tiger….
Ope: Yes. Well done, clap for yourself!

Na lie, this girl wan turn teacher for my koro koro eyes, no way oooh… woosai!

I thank the almighty for giving my family the opportunity to witness another year, and another experience with our “Akanni”, “Riyike”, “Ayobami”, “Opemipo”.

Opemipo, Deborah, may you experience the best life can offer. As you grow in age, may the wisdom of God encompass you. May you not be found wanting among your peers. As you progress on your journey, every stumbling block shall turn to a stepping stone for you.

The Lord will send you help, even before you need or ask for it. Heaven and earth shall be rise to defend your cause. You shall be a blessing to your generation. where ever and when ever your name is being mentioned it shall be for the glory of God and advancement of his kingdom.

As you have started singing His chorus and yearn to fellowship, this zeal will continue to consume you and lead you to a good place.

You shall continue to be a source of joy to your mother and I.

God bless you today, always and forever.

Happy birthday to you, enjoy your day!

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