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WIFI Access Code, When Do I Ask?

When I saw something about this on a colleague’s Facebook wall the other day, I decided to send it as a broadcast on my BB to my friends and see their reactions.

The broadcast read thus:

“How long after walking into someone’s house is it acceptable to ask for their WIFI password? (If they have)”

Now the responses came in trickles, I guess it was because of the period of the day I sent it; most people were commuting to work then. But when it started coming it was really interesting.

There were those who were irate, I guess from personal experience, they must have been victims (would that be appropriate to describe the situation). Why would anyone want my access code, whatever needed to be done, if it can’t wait, could be done using my system or device anyway.

“If I were to ask someone for their access code, I will wait like an hour after getting to their home before asking”, one said. But why would you wait that long? If you need it and they have it ask, it is a yes or no answer. That was another response.

“That’s a good one, here they ask less than an hour of getting to your house. You can see their eyes scanning everywhere and then conversation turns to WIFI companies, then the question; What company do you use?.”, says another.

This one was very blunt; “At no time is it acceptable, however it may be left to the sole discretion of the Wi-Fi owner though.”

And then there was the funny but true answer; “there is love in sharing” if indeed you equate WIFI access code to love anyway.

Technology brought many dimensions to how we relate to one another. There was a time when it was not so cool to visit a friend just because you want to catch up on gist and the latest goings-on, when all you have to do is open an account on one or all of the many social media platforms. Well, visiting days are here again, if only to have access to your neighbour’s WIFI.

But there are those moments when you need to open a file, fill an online form, run an application that your obvious limited mobile device can’t handle and you suddenly remember your neighbour, YES!

It is fine if you are visiting and you obviously have to spend sometime there, you might as well ask as you are dropping your bag! Where I have issues and I get worried is when my neighbour comes to play catch-up on unnecessary gist and obviously with his tablet and asks to use my WIFI while he is is at it!

I know the WIFI coverage extends as far as his flat because my device(s) connects as soon as I get to my gate. Okay, so he doesn’t visit until a day or two after I change me access code, coincidental? No I don’t think so.

So there you have it!

What is WIFI anyway, “WIreless FIdelity”, it is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly using radio waves. It is mostly used in conjunction with Internet routers, removing restrictions normally associated with wired connectivity.


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