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Valentine’s Day – It is what it is!

Valentine’s Day – It is what it is!

A lot has been said about Valentine, no not that Val, yes I know he is a jolly good fella. My reference is to Valentine’s day as it is celebrated all across the world by lovers. I need not bore you with the story you know as far back as kindergarten about the saint who died for love and a day was set aside to remember him, bla, bla, bla. History has it, ironic as it may sound, that Valentine whose day we celebrate as a day of love died in a Roman prison, how Roman-tic!

Valentine’s day is a day to express and celebrate the spirit of love. A day set aside for exchange of gifts; in the US and UK, the most popular gifts exchange among lovers aside from the renewal of their pledge of undying love are candies, cards and mostly flowers. Approximately 150 million Valentine’s day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. In Africa, it is different and certainly in Nigeria the most popular gifts are ….. left to your imagination!

I have seen contacts on Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook and even the dying BBM specifying what gifts they want for Valentine’s day. Some of these messages are specific and with stern warnings; ‘This or nothing for you on that day‘. Funny as it may sound, that’s what it is and ‘Romeo’ must express his undying love as commanded by ‘She that must be obeyed’. After all it happens just once a year,’why can’t he save towards it?’

Naija version of ‘Valentine celebration’ reminds me of the annual Bazaar harvest in orthodox churches (don’t know if they still do it), where the item goes to the highest bidder! I call that ‘Love for sale’. I dare say the essence of the celebration is lost in the selfish aggrandizement of the so called ‘gift’.

All said and done, there are still some true lovers out there, and to you I say….

Happy Valentine’s day!

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It’s a Fitness Watch and a Boom Box 

It’s a Fitness Watch and a Boom Box 

So the courier guy walks in and says I have a package for you, am like who have I offended? After all am not related to Dele Giwa. “From where?” I asked, he looked at the delivery instructions and responded, “the package is from InterSwitch sir”.

“That’s alright, I will sign for it, thank you”, I responded as I proceeded to take the delivery.

About this time, two years ago Interswitch gave me an iPhone, iPhone 6 to be precise and last year they weren’t so spectacular as I got a bluetooth music player and a power bank that doubles as an advert medium for their Quickteller.

So I was a bit curious to see what it will be this time, this Buharecession period.

Gbam! It’s first a Fitbit blaze (a smart fitness watch) and second, a Bose SoundLink Color (a Bluetooth speaker). Unlike the one I got last year that was brandless. I guess they got feedbacks on it’s acceptability/appreciation. Mine is still in the box it came with. I guess I will now have a reason to give it out.

So in a nutshell, thanks to Interswitch, I guess they have demonstrated that Job 22:29 can apply in their situation. I pray it works for you and I as well, for where situations are south bound, in your case and mine, it shall point north (north as in upward, not Sambisa forest oh)

Now let me go setup my Fitbit, I actually need that thing, am getting lazy at my exercises. As for the sound box, let’s make some noise!

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