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It’s a Fitness Watch and a Boom Box 

It’s a Fitness Watch and a Boom Box 

So the courier guy walks in and says I have a package for you, am like who have I offended? After all am not related to Dele Giwa. “From where?” I asked, he looked at the delivery instructions and responded, “the package is from InterSwitch sir”.

“That’s alright, I will sign for it, thank you”, I responded as I proceeded to take the delivery.

About this time, two years ago Interswitch gave me an iPhone, iPhone 6 to be precise and last year they weren’t so spectacular as I got a bluetooth music player and a power bank that doubles as an advert medium for their Quickteller.

So I was a bit curious to see what it will be this time, this Buharecession period.

Gbam! It’s first a Fitbit blaze (a smart fitness watch) and second, a Bose SoundLink Color (a Bluetooth speaker). Unlike the one I got last year that was brandless. I guess they got feedbacks on it’s acceptability/appreciation. Mine is still in the box it came with. I guess I will now have a reason to give it out.

So in a nutshell, thanks to Interswitch, I guess they have demonstrated that Job 22:29 can apply in their situation. I pray it works for you and I as well, for where situations are south bound, in your case and mine, it shall point north (north as in upward, not Sambisa forest oh)

Now let me go setup my Fitbit, I actually need that thing, am getting lazy at my exercises. As for the sound box, let’s make some noise!

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