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WIFI Access Code, When Do I Ask?

When I saw something about this on a colleague’s Facebook wall the other day, I decided to send it as a broadcast on my BB to my friends and see their reactions.

The broadcast read thus:

“How long after walking into someone’s house is it acceptable to ask for their WIFI password? (If they have)”

Now the responses came in trickles, I guess it was because of the period of the day I sent it; most people were commuting to work then. But when it started coming it was really interesting.

There were those who were irate, I guess from personal experience, they must have been victims (would that be appropriate to describe the situation). Why would anyone want my access code, whatever needed to be done, if it can’t wait, could be done using my system or device anyway.

“If I were to ask someone for their access code, I will wait like an hour after getting to their home before asking”, one said. But why would you wait that long? If you need it and they have it ask, it is a yes or no answer. That was another response.

“That’s a good one, here they ask less than an hour of getting to your house. You can see their eyes scanning everywhere and then conversation turns to WIFI companies, then the question; What company do you use?.”, says another.

This one was very blunt; “At no time is it acceptable, however it may be left to the sole discretion of the Wi-Fi owner though.”

And then there was the funny but true answer; “there is love in sharing” if indeed you equate WIFI access code to love anyway.

Technology brought many dimensions to how we relate to one another. There was a time when it was not so cool to visit a friend just because you want to catch up on gist and the latest goings-on, when all you have to do is open an account on one or all of the many social media platforms. Well, visiting days are here again, if only to have access to your neighbour’s WIFI.

But there are those moments when you need to open a file, fill an online form, run an application that your obvious limited mobile device can’t handle and you suddenly remember your neighbour, YES!

It is fine if you are visiting and you obviously have to spend sometime there, you might as well ask as you are dropping your bag! Where I have issues and I get worried is when my neighbour comes to play catch-up on unnecessary gist and obviously with his tablet and asks to use my WIFI while he is is at it!

I know the WIFI coverage extends as far as his flat because my device(s) connects as soon as I get to my gate. Okay, so he doesn’t visit until a day or two after I change me access code, coincidental? No I don’t think so.

So there you have it!

What is WIFI anyway, “WIreless FIdelity”, it is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly using radio waves. It is mostly used in conjunction with Internet routers, removing restrictions normally associated with wired connectivity.


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Patience Is A Virtue! – Part II

“I have three choices; Prosperity, Procreation and Patience. Three days I have to choose one, on the third day I am to present my choice to Him”, the man thought aloud. How could it be that I am faced with these choices? And yet, all expediently desirable, if I choose one will the others be banished from my life?

For several years we have prayed to God for a child in this home, why is the answer coming in this way? The man continued. Surely I must consult, but first let me speak with my wife he concluded.

And so the man called his wife and narrated the story to her. She jumped and shouted, she praised and worshiped God for answered prayers. “Husband surely of a truth, God does hears and answers prayers, we must choose Procreation. We have waited this long, we are also not getting any younger, time is no longer on our side. Finally, I can now be called a mother, no longer will I face the shame of walking alone in the market with all the side murmurings”, she went on and on. “Husband, we must choose procreation”, she said with a note of finality. The husband thanked her.

The next day the man made his way to see his father, “My father, God has finally heard our prayers . . . .”, the father quickly interjected, “You mean your wife has finally conceived?”.

No father, he responded. He also narrated the story to the father as he earlier did to the wife. “Well, in that case you should choose prosperity. Both of you are already advanced in age, no need to complicated her situation. With Prosperity, you can buy houses, horses, marry more wives, younger ones and they will bear you children. And you can buy that horse I told you about for me”, this was the father’s response for advice. The man looked up and down, sighed deeply, thanked the father and left.

On the third and the last day, the man called his trusted friends and tabled the matter before them. Their advices varied between all three choices with none being convincing. They all left it hanging saying, “It is you who feels it that will know where it pains most, the decision is yours”. With this, he went to bed on the last night, not being able to sleep much because of the great pending decision that lies ahead.

It is morning and in the presence of the Almighty, the man with a heavy heart and a decided mind knelt and poured out forth, “I have listened to the counsel of man, I sought for wisdom to take this decision. Though painful it is, wait I must on my God, Patience must I choose since it has taken me this far! I believe if I continue to persevere, if I continue to wait, if I am Patient, I will receive the promises of this union!”, So I choose Patience.

The father was livid with rage, friends were neither here nor there. “You know you should have chosen Procreation to allow peace reign in the house, imagine how long your wife had waited before now”, one friend said. “Now your father will disown you, your only chance to become rich and famous and possibly marry a young and beautiful wife who will give you an heir, you blew it”, another sneered at him. But because Patience has moved in with them, himself and the wife were calm. They continued to wait with prayers as they had always done.

One morning, not too long after this great decision, Procreation went into the presence of Almighty,”My Lord, you know that I am the closest to Patience, it is common knowledge that where ever she goes I go with her. Since her departure I have not been myself and with each passing day, I am more convinced that I want to be with her”.

Almighty thought long and hard, this was bound to happen. Procreation and Patience have always been close, Prosperity had other friends like Good-health and Hope despite his affiliation to Patience and Procreation. Prosperity should be able to survive on his own, it is time to let Procreation join her friend, Patience.

And so the Almighty quietly rewarded the man’s Patience with Procreation!

The man, his wife, friends and relations rejoiced not quite long after. With the embrace of Patience, they have been blessed with not just one, but two children. Procreation has stamped her signature too. The news was everywhere, it was unbelievable! “That was not part of his choice, how come?” That was a neighbour’s question.

Soon, Prosperity became restless, he wanted to join his friends and in grand style too. “I have always wanted to bring Good-health into our friendship circle, now is my opportunity”, he thought. He sought audience with Almighty.

My God, with each passing day I feel the urge to join my friends. I see the happiness and joy they have created in the family within the short period they have been there. I want to contribute my own quota in consolidating it. I also want to go with Good-health if you will permit. These were the words of Prosperity. The Almighty looked at Prosperity and Good-health. He saw the eagerness and determination in them. He did not need further deliberation before granting it.

He asked Hope, ”would you want to join them too?”

Hope replied, “My God, I will rather remain here, others will need me”.

And so, the man, his wife and children with Patience became prosperous and lived in good health all the days of their lives. And the story ends here!

As it was in those times, so it is now, and so shall it continue to be.

It pays to be patient!


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