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Jubilee Bridge, Ajah, Lagos

Jubilee Bridge, Ajah, Lagos

Ok so Gov’nor Ambode did well to construct this bridge, in all honesty it was done in good faith and everyone including my humble self, looked forward with palpable expectation to its completion and imminent opening to the public amidst excruciating daily hardship the commuters experience daily.

Now that it has been open to public; save for weekends, early mornings (before 6:30am) and late evenings (after 9:45pm), you cannot see any difference between traffic movements in the days of the roundabout and the Jubilee bridge solution. In fact commuters say they had smoother journeys/movements while the bridge was being constructed.

What is responsible for this apparent lack of gratitude to the Gov’nor and the state government? It’s not farfetched, it’s not difficult. A visit to Ajah inward Addo road at these nightmarish periods will give you the answers. Sometimes I think our town planners, traffic managers or whatever appellation they go by do not think out their strategies properly before commencing with implementation.

It is unheard of to start with, that you allow a bus stop by a roundabout or an intersection. This was the problem in the era of the Ajah roundabout. One would have expected that the construction of the bridge/intersection will come with a correction of this error. The volume of traffic from Abraham Adesanya and VGC ends are enormous at the peak period such that it seems one is trying to fast fill a bottle with a slim neck using a funnel; it will be slow, it will be laborious and there will be spill over at the funnel’s end!

Addo road junction with Lekki express is a two lanes, two way median demarcated road. On both sides the road is bad, filled with man-holes (for the fact that potholes will not adequately describe the holes there). This unfortunately is the least of the problem there, the main issue is the lack of terminus for commuters to pick bus/bike or tricycle which are the common mode of transport for majority of the inhabitants of this area.

The Tricycle, the bikes and the buses have calmly claimed a lane and occasionally make unconscious incursion into the other lane. And then the almighty area boys aka ‘agberos’ backed by the you-know-who of the area are in firm control, not even the LASTMA or the LCC muscle-bulging guys can do anything about traffic control there.

These submissions above simply turn what could have been the gains of the “JUBILEE BRIDGE” to pains, severe pains. Most evenings I psyche myself to face the traffic, and face it I must because I have to see my family.

This is more than just a review, it’s a plea to the Gov’nor to please do something!

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